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Horse Market - Buy Icelandics direct from the breeder

Hans Reiter is dedicated to his farm, continually developing and adapting it in recent years. That said, he has always remained true to his roots as a horse breeder.

"I have specialized in breeding and developing Icelandic horses, because the Icelandic is a typical mountain horse and a very safe horse for children.
On average, we have some 30-50 horses on our farm and up at our alpine grazing area. The broad pastures are ideal for the natural development of foals within a herd setting.
The result is that they become very amenable, robust, and integrate well into the herd. Which later contributes to their kind-hearted disposition and dependable character."

Icelandic Horses from the Breeder

  • Healthy and chipped, they grow up on alpine pastures
  • No eczema
  • Age-appropriately trained 
  • Our riding instructor schools the horses

Contact Hans Reiter in person:
Tel: +43 664 4536644

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